Good grief: Charlie Brown has his own trail in Eagle |

Good grief: Charlie Brown has his own trail in Eagle

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EAGLE — Charlie Brown, one of the founding and most dedicated members of the Hardscrabble Trails Coalition, has been immortalized in a most fitting manner.

He can now ride a path that bears his name.

Earlier this month, the coalition unveiled the Charlie Brown Trail — an important connector trail that links the Upper Kaibab area to other trails in the town of Eagle network. Brown was presented with a replica of the trail sign that trumpets his name during his recent birthday party and when it came time to officially open the trail, he was prevailed upon to stake the trail sign into the ground.

“We wanted to recognize Charlie with a trail named after him.,” said Adam Palmer of the Hardscrabble Trails Coalition. “He was involved in getting this particular trail approved through the town and the easement through Upper Kaibab Homeowner’s Association open space.”

Good grief: Charlie Brown Trail mirrors life

Palmer said that the nature of the trail is a fitting tribute.

“The trail itself is relatively short and, while somewhat derelict in nature, it is a community connector, much like the Charlie Brown Christmas tree or other things associated with the character developed by Charles Schultz, so we thought it was fitting,” said Palmer.

Brown agrees with the assessment.

“I rode it last night,” said Brown during an interview Thursday at his Mountain Pedaler shop in Eagle. “That trail is kind of like my life. It starts out with some speed bumps and then it gets smoother as you go along. But then, if you ride it the other way, what does that say?”

Brown said he was pleasantly surprised and honored to have a trail that bears his name, especially because he tries to work under the radar with the Hardscrabble Trails Coalition.

About the Coalition

The Charlie Brown Trail is one of the first new trail projects undertaken by the Hardscrabble Trails Coalition, described on the group’s website as “a not for profit group that focuses its efforts on non-motorized trails in the areas near Eagle, Colorado.”

The coalitions website also says its “mission is to maintain and improve trails so that future generations can enjoy similar high quality trail experiences as we enjoy today.”

Brown noted that the new trail is a multi-use path that bikers will share with runners and walkers.

“I even saw horse tracks along it the other day,” he said.

Maintaining the trail

And now that he has a trail named after himself, Brown will have added incentive to make sure it is in top riding condition.

“I am sure I will be the guy out there doing maintenance on that trail,” he said.

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