Good job, Flinn |

Good job, Flinn

Flinn Lazier with his dad Buddy Flinn Lazier Vail Mountain School Favorite school moment from any year: Growing up with my friends and skiing with them most of my life Give a shout out: My parents helped but one of the biggest thanks goes to learning resources and Ms. Verratti for teaching me who I need to be to best educate my self. Summer plans: Spend time with my friends as my ‘last summer with them;’ race as much as possible; and just enjoy myself and the place we live in Where are you headed this fall: I will be attending Denver University next fall. If you’re leaving Eagle County, what will you miss most: Skiing, but mainly the lifestyle of being a mountaineer and being a part of the great and friendly community that is Vail CO. In 10 years you’ll be: I aspire to have great success in whatever it is I decide to pursue, but mainly I aspire to be the happiest version of myself. Favorite class you took: U.S. Government was a great class probably because I learned a lot of life applicable lessons. Class you wish had been offered: Something very life related such as a cooking class, or a class that prepares you for the things that school generally doesn’t.

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