Good job, governor |

Good job, governor

Joseph Keegan
Vail, CO, Colorado

Kudos to Gov. Ritter! As a small-business owner, I would like to commend his decision to kill the bill that would have appropriated millions of dollars from the Pinnacol Assurance Worker’s Compensation Insurance Fund.

Like all small businesses that have had to make difficult decisions, so must our elected representatives. Working within a balanced budget is a requirement of our state constitution.

We the people must hold accountable the officials elected by us to represent our districts. It is imperative that our state representatives buckle down and learn to work with what they have and find ways to reduce expenditures.

Our great state should set an example of fiscal responsibility that represents the people ” unlike the current situation in Washington, where government spending is out of control. Both parties in Washington are culpable for the current economic crisis.

Gov. Ritter’s wise decision to force the state budget to work within its means without stealing from the business community is a step in the right direction. All of our elected representatives, including top officials in Washington, should take note and follow suit!

Joseph P. Keegan


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