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Good Memories

I read the reprint of your first paper with smiles today. I was working at Vail Blanche then, and the Skipper (George Sr.) would bring the papers each week. They were 10 cents. We had a little jar for the dimes, and we usually sold three or four each week. He would give us back the money we collected, and if you looked at the ad for Super Foods, we could buy a chicken with that. I remember Ella’s recipes each week. As a newlywed, I needed all of the help I could get. I still have a recipe for muffins that I use. You will find a pic of me at Mid-Vail in the paper around the first week of December 1965. So many of the people mentioned in this paper are no longer with us or have moved away. It was fun to think of them today. Thanks for bringing back so many fond memories of our early Vail. I am going to save this.

Jean L. Klein

The Klein Group


Samantha (Donen),

Thanks again for propping our band so hard in the Agent Orange story.

However, I just wanted to make one thing clear. “In it for Tim” is NOT a punk band. Never said we were, never claimed to be. We make music that Tim likes, that’s it, nothing else. We can’t re-educate the valley on what PUNK is … We can only hope to share our music for Tim.

Bob Aubrey, In it for Tim


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