Good news from the bureaucracy |

Good news from the bureaucracy

Vail Daily Editorial Board

We usually use the space to poke, prod or chide, especially when it comes to government. Not today.

We received word last week that the Colorado Wildlife Commission has agreed to change the effective dates for small game and fishing licenses.

Under the old rule ” the one that governed everyone who now holds a fishing or wild game license in the state ” a license was good for the calendar year.

Under the new rule, our 2008 fishing licenses will be good until March 31 of next year. Starting in 2009, licenses will be good from April 1 to March 31.

That’s good news, indeed. Well, if you’re a hunter or a fisher, anyway.

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This way, when the weather turns warm in the winter, those of who get the itch to tease a trout can just grab a pole, and a few flies or lures, and head out, instead of having to go buy a license we probably won’t use again until spring. That’s nice.

And the guess here is that people besides die-hard anglers will get a little more use out of their licenses if they’re good from spring to spring, instead of New Year’s to New Year’s.

True, new residents who get the itch to tease a trout on warm winter days will have to pay for either a day’s pass ” or pay for a whole year for just a few days, but that’s what we have to do now.

This news probably won’t get noted outside the fishing pages of the newspapers that have them. And it’s not much of a change, really, but it’s nice to know that someone, somewhere, is thinking, at least a little bit, about making customers’ lives just a little bit easier.

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