Good Samaritan seriously hurt in Avon |

Good Samaritan seriously hurt in Avon

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Avon, CO Colorado
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AVON, Colorado “-A man who tried to help a friend get her car out of a ditch on Nottingham Road in Avon Colorado suffered serious leg injuries in a collision.

Steven Riddel, 38, of Avon, and a friend tried to push the car out of the ditch Jan. 3, but was unsuccessful. Riddel than planned to tow the car out with another vehicle.

Another car coming along Nottingham Road skidded on the same patch of ice as the woman had and hit the vehicle under which Riddel was trying to attach a tow cable. Riddel was pinned under the truck and suffered a compound fracture of his femur.

Avon police are warning good Samaritans to be careful when helping others who have been in car accidents. The department offered the following tips:

– Call the police, who can help with traffic control. They can also set up flares so oncoming traffic can see you. If the police are not readily available, consider calling a tow company for a pull out.-

– Consider road and weather conditions and weigh it against the need to do what ever you are doing along the roadway.

– Make yourself visible. You might want to consider having a kit in your car that contains a reflective vest, flashlight, first aid kit, flares and other essential items like food, water and a blanket in the event that you are stranded for a lengthy period of time.

– Turn hazards on.

– Have an escape route. If you find yourself outside of your vehicle or are helping others, make sure you are aware of your surroundings and have mentally planned an escape route in the event that you find yourself in danger.

– Keep an eye on passing traffic. If possible, have one person solely responsible for watching traffic.-

– Stay out of the roadway and far from it when at all possible

– Passing drivers must slow down and move over.

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