GOP is not for smaller government |

GOP is not for smaller government

Patricia Lomas
Vail, CO, Colorado

Donna Spinelli, I read your article and was a little confused about your comments.

You mentioned that you became a Republican because of the core ideals of the Republican Party.

But haven’t you noticed that it is largely the Republican Party that is responsible for religious right-wing extremism, for example making laws to intervene in marriage rights and abortion rights?

They have also made laws opposing stem cell research. Whether or not you agree on these issues, in large part Republican politicians are responsible for making laws. Is that smaller government?

Furthermore, fiscal conservatism is no longer a vocabulary word for most Republican politicians. For the past eight years we have been engaged in an illegal war that uses more of our money that we can make. What was the definition of fiscal conservatism?

I do not mean to be condescending toward your reasoning to join the Republican Party. But if that is what you really believe, you should open your eyes and realize that your ideals are no longer the party platform but rather the platform of libertarians.

Furthermore ,your remarks about socialism not ever working in any country are just plain wrong. Europe is extremely socialist and yet they seem to be function just fine. You know why? because the definition of socialism is not taking from the rich and giving to the poor. It is the transition between capitalism and communism, meaning that capitalism still exists in a state of a socialist economy. Which brings me to another point, democracy is a type of government, not a type of economy. Please, know what you are writing about before you write.

Lastly, you make very silly comments about Barack Obama: “Barack Obama is an extreme left-wing activist in expensive tailoring with East Coast elitist manners. He is an expert at telling people what they want to hear, at making them feel good. He looks presidential. He is charismatic and magnetic.”

Well, I do not know about and therefore cannot comment on Obama’s activism in extreme left-wing activities. But everything else you mentioned is absurd. Have you looked at your candidate? He fits the same bill, because news flash, they are politicians.

P.S.: I voted for Ron Paul, the only non-politician-type politician in politics who believes in free capitalism, fiscal conservatism and smaller government.

Patricia Lomas

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