GOP: McCain signs stolen in Avon |

GOP: McCain signs stolen in Avon

EAGLE COUNTY, Colorado ” Randy Milhoan said Republican campaigns signs are being stolen just about every night in Eagle County, Colorado.

“It’s frustrating because it tampers with your freedom of expression,” said Milhoan, chairman of the Eagle County Republicans.

Two big campaign signs for John McCain were stolen sometime Wednesday night or Thursday morning at the Wal-Mart exit of Interstate 70, Milhoan said.

The signs are worth $400 to $500 each, he added.

“There are lots and lots of little yard signs that are stolen every night,” Milhoan said.

Republican campaign signs have even been chain-sawed and burned in the past, he said.

Milhoan spent the day Friday putting up signs for U.S. House candidate Scott Starin and U.S. Senate candidate Bob Schaffer at locations across the valley where he’d gotten permission from landowners.

Signs are important ways of advertising candidates, Milhoan said.

“It’s important to have the visibility,” he said. “People sometimes don’t study ballots and candidates and issues too extensively. When they go in, we’re banking on the name recognition.”

Eagle County Democrats Co-Chair New New Wallace said the Democrats don’t use as many signs as Republicans.

“I think they’re bigger on the signs than we are,” she said.

It’s somewhat difficult to even procure Obama-Biden signs, Wallace said.

Wallace said Democrats have had some signs disappear, but maybe not as many as Republicans, simply because Republicans have put up more signs.

Milhoan said he’s going to file a report about the thefts with the Avon police. And he’ll have to raise more money to replace the big McCain signs, he said.

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