GOP policies have failed |

GOP policies have failed

Have you been able to keep up with the news lately?

It’s tough; our nation’s biggest New York banks have bankrupted themselves by selling each other worthless paper while their management’s bought fourth and fifth homes on the commissions.

And now they must have a trillion dollars of their “toxic waste” eaten up (yum!) by you and me. Meanwhile, supposedly conservative presidential candidates are using their willingness to go back to Washington to assist the bankers as an excuse to blow off debating this and other issues 40 days before we the people are supposed to make an informed choice, and there’s been a $6 billion storm in Texas.

Buried in the media “bank blizzard,” I just ran across this: Sept. 25 (Reuters) ” “More than 490,000 (electricity) customers in Texas remained without power Thursday, 12 days after Hurricane Ike hit the Gulf Coast before cutting a destructive path all the way to New York.” Given the news from that state, it’s too bad Ike wasn’t a bit stronger when he got to New York. The place seems like it needs a good, Biblical flood to wash to trash off Wall Street.

But seriously ” a half million people still without electricity almost two weeks after a storm, in Texas, a normally sunny place ” and while the sun shines on them daily, delivering all the power they would be able to use at no charge, if only it were harnessed.

This Republican U.S. administration is now preaching doomsday so it can hand $700 billion of our money, borrowed in our names, to a few Wall Street, German and Hong Kong bankers. When it does, these fat cats can keep their ranches on Montana and ski castles in Jackson Hole, while FEMA does next to nothing, again, for the victims of nature’s wrath.

Seven-hundred billion dollars is a lot of money. Enough to pay for all of the health care of every American for a decade, for example.

Or, to put solar power systems that would eliminate all grid power requirements on 234 million homes. Which, considering there are only about 80 million homes standing in the United States ” a few less today, thanks to the hurricane that blew Galveston away 12 days ago ” means that we could probably run most of our businesses for free, forever, too. Instead, our leaders deregulated banking so their friends and families could skim as much as possible in commissions and fees and bonuses and then stick me, you, our kids and our grandkids with all of the losses. And, as if it is an emergency, now. As if!

I’ve been a Republican all my life, but not this year. I urge every reader to pull that curtain shut, or better yet, vote in the privacy of your home using a mail in ballot, and vote for our own interests this fall, for our kid’s interests, for their kid’s interests, by voting Democrat, all the way down the ballot. National, state and local.

It’s time to reject the greed and lies and help ourselves out of the mess these people have dumped on us. Republican neo-con artists have failed the founders of the party, and the country.

Mr. Lincoln would roll in his tomb if he had to watch TV news today. They’ve socialized Wall Street, we’re back in the U.S.S.R. … let’s send them all to Siberia!

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