GOP targets Sesame Street |

GOP targets Sesame Street

Alex Miller
Why don't Republicans like Big Bird?

Just when you thought it couldn’t get worse, now the out-of-control Republican congress is trying once again to cut or eliminate federal funding for PBS and NPR.

They failed last year after public outcry caused them to retreat, but the will of the people has never kept the GOP from further pursuing a crappy idea.

So, you all know the argument from the Republicans here: They say they want the cuts to preserve other programs – at the same time they’ve approved billions in tax cuts for the wealthiest 1 percent of Americans. The reality is, they can’t abide straight journalism that tells the true story about the wanton abuse of power by the GOP-led Congress and White House. While they try to strangle the sources that tell the unvarnished truth, they’ll whack Big Bird and Clifford the Big Red Dog while they’re at it.

Listen to this load of horse manure:

“We’ve got to keep our priorities straight,” said Representative Ralph Regula , an Ohio Republican who is chairman of the appropriations panel that approved the cut. “You’re going to choose between giving a little more money to handicapped children versus providing appropriations for public broadcasting.”

Once you’ve stopped laughing (or crying), you can start listing all the pork and giveaways that have come at the expense of health care and other social programs. Now, they’re telling us we can afford to fund propaganda for Iraq but not objective journalism here at home. And it’s only partial funding: much of NPR and PBS funding comes from private and corporate support. By chipping in, the federal government is sending a message that there’s room on the airwaves for programming that’s not slavishly created to sell advertising.

These guys know no shame, but hopefully they’ll be beat back again. If you agree that NPR and PBS shouldn’t be subject to big cuts, log onto to sign a petition protesting them.

Vail, Colorado

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