Gopher shooter gets a ticket in Gypsum |

Gopher shooter gets a ticket in Gypsum

Eagle Valley Enterprise Staff Report
Gypsum, C Colorado

GYPSUM, Colorado” Shooting gophers at work can get a man in trouble in Gypsum, Colorado.

On May 2, police responded to a report of a man standing with a shot gun in the entrance to an auto parts store in Gypsum, an Eagle County Sheriff’s Office report said.

When police arrived, they saw the barrel of a rifle and a scope appear from the foyer of the store, pointed toward Highway 6. The rifle fired a shot. Weapons drawn, police demanded the shooter drop the gun.

When police asked the store owner about the incident, he said the man with the rifle was just the store manager shooting gophers. Apparently, the manager had been using a pellet gun to shoot the critters on a mound of dirt in front of the store and on the shoulder of Highway 6. Police issued the man a summons for disorderly conduct.

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