GOP’s ‘big tent’ shrinks |

GOP’s ‘big tent’ shrinks

Vail Daily EditorialVail CO, Colorado

If you want to come to this party, you’d better know what to bring.Eagle County Republican leaders have begun a series of meetings to “realign” their core mission and values. Sharon Greene, a member of the party’s central committee, told the Daily last week that the process was “finally an opportunity to talk honestly” about disagreements among key members, which is in line with two of the realignment’s stated goals: to “process party members’ feedback” and to “decide how to make improvements and changes.”Greene was relieved of her position after her comments were published Monday. Officially, she violated standard party procedure by publicly airing views that should have been relegated to party meetings. But this is a flimsy, albeit convenient, excuse since other Republicans interviewed for the article alluded to inner differences, too. Somehow, Greene’s comments marked her as the rebel of the battle in question.As a loyal Republican, Greene should have taken a lesson from the Alberto Gonzales debacle and known what this whole process was all about. Granted, the central committee of the local GOP isn’t the Justice Department, and Greene isn’t a U.S. attorney. Her expulsion was perfectly ethical and understandable as a political move. But the timing and circumstances belie any pretense of openness or cooperation in the party’s so-called realignment. This process has little to do with change (except through the abrupt silencing of anything smacking of dissent) and less to do with feedback (except as a means of bringing those dissenters out into the open).- Evan Gibbard for the Editorial Board

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