GOP’s short memory |

GOP’s short memory

Gus Nicholson
Vail, CO, Colorado

Republicans must be counting on our short memories if they think they can warble

the anthem of fiscal responsibility after they rubber-stamped eight years’ worth of sheer


The previous administration didn’t even bother adding the cost of two wars to its budgets. And its deficit projections gave new incredulity to federal government math.

Tax cuts in the face of war? Who’s kidding whom?

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It continues to boggle my mind how high-minded the offenders become when it comes to criticism but not to solutions ” or new ones, at least.

All the Democrats have been asking for is bipartisanship in righting our listing ship of state. And all they’re getting is resistance based on nonsense.

The last time I checked Congress’ rolls, those Republicans left are the same ones who gave us that rubber-stamp Congress.

Gus Nicholson

Denver and Avon

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