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Gore in ’04? Don’t count on it

Don Rogers

Hopeful campaign chairs see weakness in Bush that they hope they can exploit in the next presidential election. Suffice to say, this is wishful thinking right now, two long years away from the big election drive.

By then, Gore will have lost even more of his mojo than he has now. But for an archaic method of counting the nation’s vote for president, he would have won, of course. It was just his bad luck that the GOP this time held the advantage on the U.S. Supreme Court that in the end essentially anointed its chosen president. So it goes.

And so goes his natural advantages of near incumbency, when he could run on name recognition and the good the public saw accomplished in the Clinton era. A family man, Gore was unstained by the fabulously flawed president – who would have won a third term going away, for all his faults, if not term-limited.

The mojo began slipping then, as Al the understudy rather foolishly tried to shake free of the head of his administration.

More slipped as that beard grew and the man seemed to sulk just far enough away that others began entertaining their own thoughts of running for the highest political office.

Now he’s back, but still diffident, and the Dems are arguing over whether he’s the guy. His vice presidential candidate, Joe Lieberman, is most especially conflicted. On principle – he gave his word, and seems to be the exceedingly rare politician trying very hard to stick to it – the VP candidate is sticking with Gore as long as he seems to be a candidate for ’04. At the same time, Lieberman knows he’s got a great shot, and more than a few think a better shot than Gore at retaking the White House.

A prediction: Gore is only going to fade from here. The advantages of the vice presidency are long gone, the message is wrong, and there’s the scent of blood in the water from the excruciating wounds of having won the popular vote and quite possibly the electoral one, as well, but losing the race.

Gore? No more.

A turn

Business seems to have picked up this month in the valley. Have you noticed? The page counts have picked up – 104 last Friday, biggest paper of summer.

Lots of visitors and second-home owners in town, in addition to us year-rounders. This in the face of drought, fire, bad boy CEOs who all seems to have ties to Vail or Beaver Creek, recessionary times. There’s hope, yet.


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