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Gorsuch Outfitters opens Eagle store

Connie Steiert

EAGLE ” Anglers, rejoice. For all you downvalley fly-fishermen ” and some of you spinners out there, too ” life along the river just got a little more idyllic.

In mid-June, Gorsuch Outfitters opened a branch store in Eagle at Post Office Crossing, across Chambers Avenue from the Eagle Post Office.

Owner John Cochran, who also owns and operates the Edwards Gorsuch Outfitters in Riverwalk, explains he opened the Eagle store because he saw a growing need downvalley.

“Our impression was that there were so many people moving into Eagle, and there really wasn’t a store like ours in Eagle, yet,” he said. However, he said there are plenty of avid fisherman in the area.

Some 500 downvalley residents showed up for the store’s grand opening.

“People aren’t finding us super quick, but of the people who are finding us, most of them are super happy,” said Eagle Gorsuch Outfitters Manager Peter DuPont. “Even people who aren’t fly-fishers are happy we’re here.”

Inside, Gorsuch Outfitters is indeed a fly-fisherman’s second heaven (the first, of course, being a gold-medal fishing stream). Here, fishermen can pick up Sage and Scott fly rods or browse a broad selection of flies and lines. The store also offers custom fly-tying, rod and reel repair, and rentals by the day or by the week.

Cochran says the Eagle store compliments his Edwards store, with more focus on equipment and less on clothing.

And, for the fisherman who isn’t into fly-fishing ” or someone who would just like to try the sport ” Gorsuch Outfitters has a small spin section as well, with Ross and Shamino spinning reels.

Gorsuch Outfitters, offers everything needed for a day of casting, from Simms Polartec Power Stretch bibs and Simms or Cloudveil waders to Chota boots and waterproof gloves. There is also a wide selection of books and DVDs about fly-fishing for instruction or helping you find a new place to cast. There are also clip-on watches with compasses, Beretta pocket knives, and Cocoons and Smith sunglasses.

The store boasts a homey, slightly rustic atmosphere.

Cochran opened the first Gorsuch Outfitters in Vail about a decade ago, after working for Gorsuch Ltd. for a few years. He moved his store to Edwards roughly six years ago. While in Vail, he met DuPont, and the two quickly became fast friends. In 2000, DuPont moved to Denver, where he opened his own store, the Fly-fishing Shop. After six years, however, the fly-fishing business had slowed in Denver, and DuPont was glad for the opportunity to “come back to his roots” and open the Eagle store.

Both men will share their expertise with their Eagle customers. The store offers a guide service as well. Cochran keeps a pool of 30 fishing guides available to customers of both his Edwards and Eagle stores.

Later this summer, the store will offer weekly evening classes, with a rotating line-up of subjects, such as fly tying, casting lessons and bug life; and guest speakers in the summer. In the winter, seminars will focus on travel to fly-fishing havens afar.

Gorsuch Outfitters in Eagle, located at 313 Chambers Ave., Unit F, is open from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Saturday, and 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Sundays. For more information, call 970-337-0900.

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