Got a mess? Call Frank Doll |

Got a mess? Call Frank Doll

Shortly after returning to Fort Carson, Frank was assigned to the 2nd United States Army Missile Command. Before assuming his new duties, he was required to attend a four-week course in Air-Ground Operations at an air base near Biloxi, Miss. Upon returning from the school just before Christmas, he was assigned to be the Headquarter Company Commander, 2nd Missile Command. This wasnt what Frank expected and just about died. He asked, Who do I see next?Youve just seen him, came the reply.

Well, this position was hardly one Frank envisioned himself doing. The company was a mess. The commander from Fort Carson who had just left nearly tossed out on his rear end had stolen from it, and generally run the company into the ground. His duties included having the place in shape for the annual general inspection, which was due in a month. This inspection was the most important event of the year for a unit. It was where it was decided whether or not you were fit to accomplish your mission. Now as the company commander, Frank had a month to get the place in shape. With what he had to work with, the job was impossible and Frank knew it. Working feverishly, Frank did what was humanly possible to get the unit in shape for the inspection, and when the day came, Frank looked at the Inspector General and realized this man was a school mate from his days at Colorado A&M. Frank was convinced if it hadnt been for this friendship, the unit would have flunked.

When the inspection was over Frank sat quietly while the inspector general outlined all that was wrong with the company and the list went on and on. After the general left, the Chief of Staff said to Frank, And you sit right there.Frank remained seated.The chief of staff looked Frank in the eye. What do you need to get this place in shape?Frank said, I need some people who know A from B, and I need to get rid of a whole bunch of people who dont know X from Y, and a whole bunch of other things.If you give me a list of the men you want gone, Ill get it done tomorrow. Anything else? Yes, sir. My terms are that I leave here the day after the inspection.The Chief of Staff smiled. Consider it done.And I want to go to the 52nd Missile Command. Most of the officers in this unit were officers with whom Frank worked in Korea.All right.Consider it done, sir.A year later, when the inspection was completed, the company got the highest score ever recorded at Fort Carson. And the next day, Frank was gone.E-mail comments about this story to

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