Got their chips cashed in |

Got their chips cashed in

Andrew Harley

At a glance:Serenading ShakeheadsWhat: Shakedown StreetWhen: Today, 8 p.m., Sunday, 8 p.m., Monday 3 p.m.Where: State Bridge, BondTickets: Can be purchased online at The prices are $15 for today, $15 for Sunday and $10 for Monday’s show. An event pass can be purchased for $25.Shakedown Street has performed around 90 to 100 shows over the past 10 years at State Bridge. The band returns for a three-day Memorial Day festival today through Monday in Bond.”We usually do about two or three a summer at three days each. It’s the sacred Shakedown party grounds. It’s everybody’s favorite venue. It’s just a good scene,” said Ted Galloway. “It’s out in the middle of nowhere. Everybody’s very nice that works there. It’s a camp-out party. It’s not a gig. It’s not a job.”At first, some of the obvious aspects that separate Shakedown Street from other bands might seem like deficiencies.”We don’t have a Jerry guy and a Bobby guy. We don’t try to be the Dead,” said Galloway.But, the fact that Shakedown Street isn’t trying to be anything but themselves, makes their music more unique and interesting.”If you’ve ever seen us, you can see that (we’re not trying to be anyone else) right away. We’re more like a bunch of train robbers or something … cattle rustlers,” said Galloway.Some Dead cover bands have been known not to party until after the show.”I’m like, ‘Well how can you play the Dead music?'” said Galloway. “We’ll do a little partying. We have so much fun.”Their music is timeless. They’re great songs, and they’ll be great songs in 100 years.”Shakedown Street doesn’t stick solely to the Grateful Dead. They cover the Butthole Surfers, The Ramones and they play original stuff, too.”The Dead avenue is what most folks are most enthusiastic about,” said Galloway. “It’s hard to say what my favorite Dead song is. I like ’em all.”The band has been around for more than 16 years.”With us, it’s like everybody is a team player. We listen for the missing part and do that. We’ve played so long together that we’re just used to adapting to the very moment we’re in,” said Galloway.David Recker plays a few guitars and sings.”He’s my best friend,” said Galloway. “It’s like we’re each other’s left arm and right arm.”Rick Starkey plays the bass, sax, flute and adds vocals.”He and I started the band, originally. He’s also my brother,” said Galloway. “He plays bass like no one else. He don’t play it like a bass, he plays it like a saxophone, or something. Any other bass player sits in, and everything sounds all wrong.”Bryant Jones plays the keyboards and the organ.”He’s just a genius. He can play anything. He can play a saxophone, Foosball. He can just do anything as well as you’ve ever seen it,” said Galloway.Trevor “Bones” David chatters on the drums.”Bones is awesome. He’s a drummer,” said Galloway.Galloway plays the guitar, sings and loves playing live music.”It’s the co-existence with our crowd. Just like the Deadheads were to the Dead, we call them the Shakeheads. They’re our friends,” said Galloway.Shakedown Street have introduced 38 couples at their shows who have gone on to marry. And to Galloway’s knowledge, none have divorced.”It’s the kind of people. It’s the caliber of folks that attend these things. I ain’t saying they’re better than anybody. They’re just more real and focused and loving and old hippie values and that sort of thing,” said Galloway.Shakedown Street starts the show today at 8 p.m. at State Bridge in Bond.Andrew Harley can be reached at 949-0555, ext. 610, or at

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