Gov. Jared Polis pardons Balloon Boy’s parents, grants clemency to 20 others |

Gov. Jared Polis pardons Balloon Boy’s parents, grants clemency to 20 others

Saja Hindi and Noelle Phillips
The Denver Post


Gov. Jared Polis on Wednesday pardoned the parents behind the 2009 “Balloon Boy” hoax, saying Richard and Mayumi Heene have suffered enough since claiming their 6-year-old son was trapped inside a silver saucer-shaped helium balloon that had flown away from their Fort Collins home.

Speaking from his Gainesville, Florida, home, Richard Heene told The Denver Post that until Wednesday afternoon, he and his wife hadn’t heard anything about their year-old pardon application. But then he received a call from an unknown number Wednesday, let it go to voicemail and heard the message from the governor’s office.

“As soon as I come down, I’ll let you know,” Heene said. “I’m flying high. This is just fantastic.”

Polis granted clemency to 20 others, including commuting the sentences of a man who received one of the longest prison terms in state history for a white collar crime and another who became a rallying point for those who want the governor to reduce the state’s prison population as the coronavirus pandemic rages behind bars.

Others receiving clemency were habitual drug offenders or people convicted of crimes such as burglary and forgery.

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