Gov. Jared Polis pushes Colorado toward zero-emission vehicles with first executive order | |

Gov. Jared Polis pushes Colorado toward zero-emission vehicles with first executive order

An electric car charges at Walking Mountains Science Center.
Townsend Bessent | Daily file photo |

Colorado Gov. Jared Polis rolled up in a blue electric car to a press conference in lower downtown Denver Thursday to announce a list of executive policy changes that taken together should put more electric cars on the state’s roads.

Polis, who promised to power the state’s electric grid with 100 percent renewable energy by 2040 during his fall campaign, said the steps he outlined Thursday should provide car buyers with more options — including less expensive ones — when it comes to choosing an electric vehicle.

His order directs the state to create a team across state agencies to develop the infrastructure needed to support more electric vehicles and invest money it won in a settlement with Volkswagen into electrifying the state’s vehicle fleet. It also asks the state’s transportation department to create an electric vehicle policy.

“This executive order will improve the health of our communities, strengthen and diversify our economy and save money for consumers across the state,” Polis told an audience of environmental activists, state lawmakers and media.

Polis’ first executive order builds on previous changes to emission standards and work to push the state toward more green energy made during the Hickenlooper administration. Late last year, the state’s Air Quality Control Commission adopted low-emission vehicle standards.  Colorado also offers a $5,000 tax credit for electric vehicles.

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