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Goverment Tracker " Eagle County School Board

What they said: The Hope Program reaches out to high-risk students who might not have been pushed into a more rigorous curriculum. Members of the program from Eagle Valley Middle School told the board of education about their trip to the University of Northern Colorado where they met with minority college students and explored the campus over a weekend.

What this means to you: Valley students are pushing themselves to new heights.

What’s next: Board members expressed their approval of the program and encouraged it.

What they said: The group charged with recommending the fate of the growing school district was meant to have their recommendations ready two weeks ago. But big groups don’t lend themselves to quick decisions and so the final list was not yet available.

Assistant Superintendent Karen Strakbein told the board the committee had narrowed their focus to a handful of priorities, including developing a 10-year plan for facilities needs, build a new high school and elementary school, expand or remodel Eagle Valley High School and evaluate the existing Battle Mountain High School and Meadow Mountain Elementary School.

What this means to you” The county will likely see more schools in the future.

What’s next: The group met again Tuesday night and a final report is expected Wednesday during another board members.

What they said: After approved the 2006-2007 budget in 2005, the board revisited the subject, specifically inquiring about reserve funds to help accommodate classes that are too big. Assistant Superintendent Karen Strakbein told them there is already a process to mitigate oversized classes. The board also asked about funds for untraditional school, like expeditiary learning programs, and offering higher salaries to bilingual teachers.

What this means to you: The board is attempting to get the most bang for taxpayers’ dollars.

What’s next: Some monies in the budget may be reallocated.

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