Government Tracker: Avon road needs some work |

Government Tracker: Avon road needs some work

Lauren Glendenning
Avon, CO Colorado

The issue: Village at Avon road conditions.

Who they talked to: Jennifer Strehler, director of public works for the town of Avon.

Background: The town of Avon takes care of routine maintenance of the roads within the Village at Avon’s boundary, and the Traer Creek Metropolitan District takes care of capital improvements on these roads. (The town and the district have been in a legal battle over other disagreements about payments and other responsibilities between the two agencies.)

What they said: East Beaver Creek Boulevard, a road that was built as a temporary easement and not built to last for 20 years as town roads are typically built, is in bad condition. The town plans to make some temporary patch-work repairs this spring. The town will also tell the Traer Creek Metropolitan District that it needs to repair the road by the summer of 2010.

Larry Brooks, the town manager, said he isn’t comfortable that the town should have any responsibility fixing this. However, the road provides a necessary connection for the town, he said.

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Strehler said the town is preparing requests that the Traer Creek Metropolitan District commit to a specific plan and schedule, and that it comes up with enough money to do the work.

“It will be completely counterproductive and a waste of taxpayer money to keep throwing hot patches on a road that’s unstable and not structurally sound,” Brooks said.

The issue: Restructuring 2008 tax increment revenue bonds

Who they talked to: Scott Wright, town treasurer.

What they said: The town had borrowed $25 million to build Lake and Main streets, which it financed through a tax increment bond ” meaning that the bonds would be paid back based on the expected growth in property tax revenues. The collection of those revenues has been stalled because large building projects in town, specifically the rest of the Westin Riverfront project, have been stalled because of the slowing economy.

The town spent $8 million to build Lake Street, and it needs to pay $17 million that it has in the bank now.

The bond holders want the remaining $17 million back and the town now needs to find a new source of financing, which Town Manager Larry Brooks said he should have a better idea about soon.

The issue: How to punish Finnegan’s Wake Irish Pub for over-serving a customer alcohol.

Who they talked to: Finnegan’s Wake attorney Kurt Shultz; Avon Police Department’s attorney Elizabeth Pierce-Durance.

What they talked about: The Liquor Authority and the attorneys for both sides agreed that a fine of roughly $1,600, which is the equivalent of 20 percent of the total anticipated revenue for the five-day period of June 20-24, 2009, was fair. That fine would substitute for a five-day suspension of the pub’s liquor license. The pub is also subject to a five-day liquor license suspension if it has another violation in the next year.

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