Government Tracker: Avon still pondering transit facility details |

Government Tracker: Avon still pondering transit facility details

Board: Avon Town Council, Jan. 24 afternoon work session.

Present: Chris Evans, Buz Reynolds, Rich Carroll, Amy Phillips, Dave Dantas.

Absent: Kristi Ferarro, Todd Goulding.

Issue: Details of the town’s planned Interstate 70 Transit Facility project.

Who they talked to: Town public works director Jen Strehler and town engineer Justin Hildreth.

What they talked about: Strehler and Hildreth updated the council about plans for the new facility, which will be built at the town’s current maintenance facility at Swift Gulch. The $12 million transit center – which is expected to create 300 jobs over 18 months of construction – will provide storage and maintenance spaces for buses owned by the town and the county’s ECO Transit agency.

Strehler said 80 percent of the facility’s cost will be paid by state and federal grants. The town’s cost of about $2.3 million can be repaid, in part, through fuel sales and leasing space to the county transit agency so it can keep part of its fleet in Avon, instead of driving the vehicles to the county’s fleet headquarters every day.

Keeping buses in Avon could save ECO several hundred thousand dollars per year in fuel, driver time and bus depreciation.

Evans said wanted to see a more detailed business plan for the project, while Dantas wondered if the town really needed a building 51 feet tall.

What’s next? Council members will see a detailed business plan for the facility at their Feb. 14 meeting.

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