Government Tracker: Avon supports Prop 105, mostly

Board: Avon Town Council, Tuesday, Oct. 14 regular meeting.

Present: Council members Buz Reynolds, Matt Gennett, Jennie Fancher, Rich Carroll, Chris Evans, Dave Dantas and Jake Wolf.

The issue: Proposition 105 on the November ballot, a state statute which would require new labeling on some foods that contain genetically modified organisms.

Who they talked to: Nobody spoke out during public comments.

What they talked about: The council didn’t have much to say against the statute, except for Councilman Buz Reynolds, who went on to cast the lone vote not in favor of it. Reynolds said while the proposition seems to be good in its language, he fears there are gray areas that could make the cost of food go up.

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How they voted: 6-1 in support of Prop 105.

The issue: Formation of a new trails advisory group.

Who they talked to: Wildridge resident Charles Sherwood, town planner Matt Pielsticker.

What they talked about: Sherwood said the advisory group should have representation from trail users who prefer motorized use, not just avid hikers and those who have worked with the International Mountain Biking Association, as town staff had proposed. Pielsticker said after hearing Sherwood’s comments he would also recommend a motorized trail user in the advisory group. Reynolds said someone from emergency services or Mountain Rescue should also be considered. Carroll said the group should be expanded to be more than five members to accommodate a wide cross section of trail users.

How they voted: No action was taken at the time.

What’s next? A trails advisory group is expected to be formed soon, with representation from a wide variety of Avon trail users represented.

The issue: Names of trails in the West Avon Preserve.

Who they talked to: Town planner Matt Pielsticker.

What they talked about: Avon’s new trails, accessed from the Wildridge neighborhood, have been going by assumed names since their inception over the last couple years. But new names have been proposed, honoring some of those involved in making the ideas for those trails a reality. The council discussed their feelings on these new names.

What’s next? “Masher” will become “Wyse Way” for the Wyse brothers, Cody and Casey, who built much of the trail themselves. “Easy Loop” will become “Our Back Yard” for the neighbors in that area who expressed the opposite of a not-in-my-backyard attitude. “Playground Way” will become “PB & J,” short for pumps, burms and jumps. “Lower Flow” will become “BLT” for bumps, launches and table tops. The ASC X-Cut will become “Carroll’s Cutoff” for Rich Carroll, who has been a big supporter of the project as the mayor of Avon.

The issue: Naming of the new pedestrian mall in town.

Who they talked to: Town Manager Virginia Egger.

What they talked about: The new pedestrian mall is approaching completion in town. Should it be named “The Mall,” “The Art Walk,” “The Main Street Mall” or something different? Fancher said the town should leave it open and let the name develop as everything unfolds. Dantas said he didn’t like the word “mall” as the word is associated with shopping malls. Wolf said he wanted to honor the previous council members who originally came up with the idea and wanted to call it Main Street.

What’s next? The majority of the council preferred the name “Main Street Mall,” so that’s what it will be called when it opens, which is expected to be soon.

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