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Government Tracker " Avon Town Council

Issue: Expecting to have two new railroad crossings approved, Council is planning to construct a new transportation center to replace the existing one on Benchmark Road.

What they said: Of the four plans submitted by consulting firm Design Workshop for the proposed transportation center and crossings, town officials favored plan #2, which expands the area where buses have to turn. Mayor Ron Wolfe initially took interest in plan #4, which included encroaching on private property more than other plans and also crossed a pedestrian walkway twice. Council favored with plan #2.

What this means to you: Taxpayers dollars will be combined with grant money to construct the new transportation center.

What’s next: Design Workshop will turn the concept for plan #2 into construction plans and documents to go to bid in late spring or early summer.

Issue: Council was updated on the design progress of the Eagle Drive/Stonebridge Road bridge. 12/13/05

What they said: Despite previous request for certain bridge features, councilors changed their minds again. Mayor Ron Wolfe asked for more detail on the bridge, while Councilman Brian Sipes requested four lighthouses at the corners of the bridge.

What this means to you: Avon is still debating about what the project will look like, but with any luck, residents will some day get a bridge with lighting to make walking in the area easier and safer.

What’s next: The community development department will submit revised designs.

Issue: Avon would like to recognize environmentally conscious businesses. 12/13/05

What they said: Town officials and councilors bounced around ideas of creating an environmental award or certification based on Green Star Program criteria.

What this means to you: Instead of getting a Green Star certification, businesses may appeal to the town for the exact same thing at a local level.

What’s next : Town officials will research Green Star criteria.

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