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Government Tracker " Avon Town Council

What they said: The town is readying its request for bids to develop a commercial district in east Avon that the town hopes will become a town center. The town council has listed this project as a top priority.

What this means to you: Once completed, Avon will have a new economic hub and hangout.

What’s next: The town will finalize a request.

What they said: The town filed a water right application for the incoming white water park on the Eagle River on Dec. 27. The town is also working to contact those who might be opposed to the water park to start a discussion about their concerns.

What this means to you: Avon is taking steps to providing another recreational venue in town that also promised to bring in money.

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What’s next: Avon will submit information to the Colorado Water Conservation Board, which will offer a recommendation to a water court to grant or deny Avon’s requested water right.

How they voted: unanimously approved

What they said: Smoking will be prohibited in bars, restaurants – including outdoor seating areas – , 90 percent of hotel rooms, parks, just to name a few. Smoking must take place 25 feet away from any place smoking his prohibited.

What this means to you : Smokers – enjoy the time you have left. Non-smokers – the air will be clear soon, at least on paper.

What’s next: The ban will go into effect in mid-March, 60 days after it was passed.

What they said: JMJ Development has secured a loan to build. Receiving that money was one of Avon’s requirements to continue building.

What this means to you: The Gates is one step closer to completing the project long in the making.

What’s next: JMJ must provide proof of a completion bond before it is clear to continue construction. The bond ensures the project will be completed.

Source Town of Avon

Vail, Colorado

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