Government Tracker " Avon Town Council 4/11/06 |

Government Tracker " Avon Town Council 4/11/06

What they said: K.T. Gazunis, the Eagle County housing director and Tabmi Katieb, Avon’s community development director, led the town council in a discussion about affordable housing. The group reviewed the county housing guidelines and studies. Council agreed something must be done to make the Vail Valley affordable to local, working-class people, but thought it might be a problem with no solution, said Avon spokeswoman Jacquie Halburnt.

What this means to you: If you’re not a millionaire, housing options will continue to be slim.

What’s next: Council members will continue to think housing is an important problem, but may not do much.

How they voted: unanimously passed with conditions

What they said: Police told the council they were having problems enforcing wildlife laws, including ensuring trash cans are moved indoors in a timely manner to avoid attracting wildlife and deciphering who they belong to. The new law will require addresses on trash containers.

What this means to you: If you live in Avon, add your name to your trash bins or suffer the consequences.

What’s next: Police will start cracking down come summer and bear season.

How they voted: tabled unanimously

What they said: Developer Traer Creek needs to install a water tank to begin development on the next phase of the Village at Avon, a development of homes and businesses north east of The Home Depot. But Council wants more information about the project before they’ll say OK.

What this means to you: No more building at the Village at Avon until the water tank is a go.

What’s next: Developer Traer Creek will come back to Council on May 9.

Source Town of Avon

Vail, Colorado

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