Government Tracker " Avon Town Council 5/23/2006 |

Government Tracker " Avon Town Council 5/23/2006

What they said: Town engineer Norm Wood told Council that Ourston Roundabout Engineering has completed the preliminary design for Roundabout 4 – the one on Avon Road at Benchmark Road. The design will transform the roundabout into a full turn. The construction may cost about $322,000 with a total project cost of $450,000.

What this means to you: People driving in Avon will have an easier time getting around with a full roundabout instead of the partial one that exists now.

What’s next: The town will select a civil engineering firm to coordinate the final design details with Ourston and to prepare construction plans for the project.

What they said: Council approved the summer rodeo’s liquor license but debated the parking situation, which requires cars to make a left-hand turn and go toward Wal-Mart to leave the rodeo site. Some members of the public said requiring cars to go east is developer Traer Creek’s ploy to funnel customers to Wal-Mart and The Home Depot. The rodeo is also on Traer Creek land.

What this means to you: If you live west of the rodeo site, just east of Chapel Square, you’ll have to detour further east to get home via Interstate 70 or U.S. Highway 6.

What’s next: Council will discuss the rodeo’s planning process and parking situation at a later date.

How they voted:

Yes: Wolfe, Buckley, Phillips, Sipes

No: Ferraro, McDevitt, Underwood

What they said: Parents came out in force to support Stone Creek Elementary School, a second charter school in the county, saying the four-acre parcel next to The Home Depot is an ideal temporary school site and will encourage parents and teachers to spend more money in Avon. Councilwoman Tamra Nottingham Underwood said developer Traer Creek, which owns all the land around the potential site, is using the school to manipulate Avon.

What this means to you: While the site still isn’t nailed down, the community will likely see a new charter school in the fall.

What’s next: The town will continue to explore leasing the land to the school.

How they voted: unanimously approved

What they said: With one more approval left to go, Council gave the first OK to make parking or storing railroad cars in Avon a public nuisance. The addition to the existing nuisance law came in retaliation to Union Pacific Railroad’s announcement that it may store rail cars in the Minturn rail yard. With cars moving through Avon, town officials worried some cars may be parked in Avon before they are moved to Minturn or that they may be stored on the passing track in Avon.

What this means to you: A previously inactive rail line may be revived as rail cars make their way to Minturn for storage.

What’s next: Council will revisit the ordinance on second reading.

Source Town of Avon

Vail, Colorado

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