Government Tracker " Avon Town Council 6/13/2006 |

Government Tracker " Avon Town Council 6/13/2006

How they voted:

Yes: Mac McDevitt, Amy Phillips, Brian Sipes, Tamra Nottingham Underwood

No: Debbie Buckley Absent: Kristi Ferraro

What they said: Staff will place signs in the Wildridge parks prohibiting dogs from the playground areas for public health reasons. Councilwoman Debbie Buckley voted against the resolution because she said she thought it was redundant as Avon already has laws to deal with dogs.

What this means to you: If you live in Wildridge, your dog has one less place to play.

What’s next: Signs will be erected.

What they said: Sarah Will of Axs (Access) Vail Valley introduced Council to the group dedicated to expanding recreational opportunities for disabled people. As a result of the construction of Riverfront Village, bike path access has become nearly impossible for people in handcycle, which makes wide turns. Will asked that Axs Vail Valley be included in future developments to ensure disabled people maintain access to such areas as bike paths.

What this means to you: If you’re disabled, Axs Vail Valley may help to make it easier for you to get around for necessity or fun.

What’s next: Council said it would like to keep Axs Vail Valley in the loop about proposed project and encouraged Will to sign up for Council meeting agendas.

What they said: Pastors Dan Matney and Josue Rubio of the New Life Assembly of God Church in Avon told Council of the Spanish-speaking congregation’s desire to do some community service in Avon. Avon’s public works director, Bob Reed, suggested adopting a trail as one section of the Nottingham Trail runs just outside the church.

What this means to you: The bike path from Metcalf Road to Post Blvd. may look even better in the future. The church’s work will be in addition to regular town maintenance.

What’s next: Avon staff will adopts Eagle County’s ECO policy and start an “Adopt a Trail” program in the town’s trail system.

Source Town of Avon

Vail, Colorado

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