Government Tracker " Eagle County Commission 4/11/06 |

Government Tracker " Eagle County Commission 4/11/06

How they voted

Yes: Stone, Menconi, Runyon

What they said: With new land use regulations in the books, it was time to end the ban.

What this means to you : It’s OK again to file land use applications that ask for more homes on a piece of property than existing zoning allows.

What’s next: Probably not much.

How they voted

Yes: Menconi, Runyon No: Stone

What this means to you: New homes in the county ” but not the towns ” have to be designed and built with saving energy, recycling materials, and using less water in mind. Those that exceed the standards get a break on permit fees. Those that don’t hit the standards have to pay more.

What’s next: Counting points.

Source: Eagle County

Vail, Colorado

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