Government Tracker " Eagle County school board |

Government Tracker " Eagle County school board

What they talked about : The school district will close a deal on Jan. 31 for land in the Valley Airpark area just south of the Eagle County Airport. The last step was getting an appraisal for the property. In absolutely nothing of a surprise, the appraisal agreed to the dollar with the purchase price of about $450,000.

What’s next: If a bond issue is taken to the voters this fall for a new high school, expect it to include money for the new bus barn. If the bond issue passes, construction will probably begin in 2008

How they voted: Yes ” Arnold, Benderly, Green, Kincaid-Strahan,m Donovan, Stavney No: Thompson

What this means to you: Daniels’ Gypsum-based landscaping company this spring will move its stuff onto a piece of land that had for several years been leased by Stevens’ Home Care.

What’s next: Dust and noise

Source Eagle County School District

Vail, Colorado

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