Government Tracker: ‘First major step’ taken to bring sidewalks to south Minturn |

Government Tracker: ‘First major step’ taken to bring sidewalks to south Minturn

Board: Minturn Town Council, evening meeting, Wednesday.

Present: Terry Armistead, Sidney Harrington, Harvey Craig, Earle Bidez and Mayor Matt Scherr.

Issue: Selecting engineering company to plan and design sidewalks.

Who they talked to: Town Engineer Jeff Spanel and Michelle Hansen, senior transportation engineer for Stolfus & Associates Inc.

What they talked about: Spanel told the council that six companies applied for the position to lead the engineering process to bring not only sidewalks, but also better pedestrian safety and drainage improvements to the south part of town. Stolfus & Associates was chosen as the “right fit,” Spanel said. The three-phased project includes stretches from Toledo Avenue to Cemetery Road; Cemetery Road to Boneyard; and Boneyard to Maloit Park and is mostly funded by a federal grant, something the town has been seeking for years.

How they voted: Approved, 5-0.

What’s next: The approval sets in motion the engineering part of the project, which is expected to be completed by the end of the year, and then funding for the construction will be the next hill to climb. Bidez said this is a huge project and has been a long time coming, and it’s the “first major step” in bringing sidewalks to the south part of town.

Issue: License agreement with Minturn Realty, part of the Entryway Project safety and beautification project.

Who they talked to: Janet Hawkinson, town planner.

What they talked about: The 20-by-20-foot space at the entrance to town between Magusto’s and the Minturn Country Club is looking to undergo a safety and beautification, project. It would close First Street and bring benches, a water feature and flower beds as well as new crosswalks and storm water drainage, wider sidewalks and lighting, among other safety features. Money to be used would come from the grant for the Entryway Project, which focuses on creating a safer atmosphere at the west end of town.

How they voted: Approved, 5-0.

What’s next: Construction is underway.

Issue: Vail Valley Mountain Bike Association looking to add and maintain trails in Minturn.

Who they talked to: Bill Hoblitzell, of Vail Valley Mountain Bike Association.

What they talked about: Hobliztell informed the council of big plans for the local mountain bike association, including ideas to bring bike traffic closer to downtown as well as a Vail Resorts EpicPromise day that would bring 150-200 employees to Minturn for a day to work on the trails.

What’s next: The Vail Valley Mountain Bike Association needs to know if the town would like to coordinate with these projects, as it is a collaborative effort including many entities.

Issue: Economic Committee approving beautification grants.

Who they talked to: Michelle Metteer, special events coordinator.

What they talked about: Metteer let the council, and the public, know that Sage Pierson, of Sticky Fingers Cafe, was awarded the first $1,000 beautification grant to paint the outside of her business. The town’s Economic Committee has nine more grants for anyone in town to apply for to beautify their home or business.

What’s next: Apply for the grant at and click on “Beautification Program.” (Sticky Fingers is also getting a new sign.)

Issue: Two council seats available.

Who they talked to: Jay Brunvand, town clerk.

What they talked about: There have been a few interested in the Town Council positions, but only one letter submitted, Brunvand said. The deadline to apply is end-of-day Tuesday. They are both two-year terms.

What’s next: The Town Council is looking to appoint two residents to the vacant seats at the meeting on May 4.

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