Government Tracker: Minturn appoints new prosecuting attorney |

Government Tracker: Minturn appoints new prosecuting attorney

Board: Minturn Town Council, evening meeting, Wednesday, Sept. 7.

Present: Terry Armistead, Sidney Harrington, Harvey Craig, Sage Pierson, John Widerman, Earle Bidez and Mayor Matt Scherr.

Issue: Approving a service agreement for Minturn Municipal Court prosecuting attorney.

Who they talked to: Ron Carlson and Steve O’Connor, of Carlson & Carlson Attorneys at Law, P.C.

What they talked about: Carlson gave the council his background, which includes being a municipal judge in Black Hawk, Frisco, Silverthorne and Leadville. He said that taking on the job of prosecuting attorney for the town gives his young attorneys a chance to work. “We try to be reasonable,” he said.

How they voted: 7-0 to approve the appointment of Carlson & Carlson as the town’s prosecuting attorney.

Issue: Climate Action Plan for the Eagle County Community.

Who they talked to: Armistead and Widerman, the Town Council’s committee members.

What they talked about: Surrounding towns and organizations are joining Walking Mountains Science Center in creating a climate action plan to raise awareness as well as lower greenhouse gas emissions. The collaborative effort aims to incrementally reduce waste and emissions into 2050. The climate action plan focuses on buildings, transportation, waste diversion, power supply and education. “This is something that should be on Minturn’s radar,” Armistead said.

What’s next: There will be three open houses to learn more about the Climate Action Plan for the Eagle County Community: today at Brush Creek Pavilion; Monday at the Grand View in Vail; and Sept. 21 at the Miller Ranch Community Room.

Issue: Shop & Hop liquor license renewal.

Who they talked to: Town Clerk Jay Brunvand.

What they talked about: The store requested a renewal of its 3.2 percent beer liquor license. Brunvand told the council that the shop did have one citation in a sting by the state and that the owners have taken steps to prevent it from happening in the future.

How they voted: 7-0 in approval of renewing the liquor license.

Issue: Update from Crave Community Co.

Who they talked to: Tim McGuire, of Crave Community Co.

What they talked about: McGuire told the council that the development company is working hard on a memorandum of understanding with the town and is progressing in some areas, with a ways to go in others. He thanked the council and its committee for being “supportive” and said he’s “very optimistic we’re going to work things out.”

What’s next: The Town Council entered executive session at the end of the night for the purpose of receiving legal advice from the town attorney on specific legal questions regarding Crave Community Co.

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