Government Tracker: Minturn delays term-limit discussion |

Government Tracker: Minturn delays term-limit discussion

Board: Minturn Town Council, evening meeting, Jan. 20.

Present: George Brodin, Shelley Bellm, Earle Bidez, Jason Osborne, John Rosenfeld, Matt Scherr and Mayor Hawkeye Flaherty.

Issue: Term limits for mayor and council members.

What they talked about: While all of the council members are in favor of establishing term limits, the majority concluded that there is not enough time to get it on the April ballot for resident voting. The council wants to change the town’s charter, which only can be done by a vote by residents, so that the next council can’t come in and change it if they wish. Bellm was concerned that if it didn’t happen on Wednesday night, then “it’s not going to happen ever.” Scherr stressed the complications that come with hastily moving through the process, although he said he likes the idea.

What’s next: Town officials will look to see if it can be put on the November ballot, as well as the possibility of a referendum, which wouldn’t change the charter.

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Issue: Eagle River Fire Protection District looking for land to open training facility in town.

Who the talked to: Dominic Mauriello, Fire Chief Karl Bauer and Todd Goulding, the project manager.

What they talked about: In the second presentation to the council, Goulding came back with an estimated cost of $2.3 million for the project. The Eagle River Fire Protection District is asking for land — about a half acre — from the town to build a training facility for firefighters across the county and state. The council expressed interest with the economic benefits of firefighters coming to town, as well as the future benefits of getting utilities out to the lower lot, which the Eagle River Fire Protection District would do. The council’s concerns revolve around exactly what the long-term lease to the fire district would look like.

What’s next: The Eagle River Fire Protection District’s plan for the facility hinges on an upcoming bond, which voters will have to approve. If approved, then the town and fire district will begin moving ahead with exact plans for the facility.

Issue: Vail Valley Trails Connection requesting town of Minturn become funding partner.

Who the talked to: Jamie Malin and Mike Beach, of Vail Valley Trails Connection.

What they talked about: Malin and Beach presented the council with information and goals for the Vail Valley Trails Connection, which include bringing groups together to advance the trails system throughout Minturn and the county. Among the things Vail Valley Trails Connection has done is implement a universal signage system, which can be seen throughout other local funding partners, including Vail, Avon, Gypsum and Eagle.

What’s next: The council showed support for the nonprofit organization and advised it to keep them informed as they move along.

Issue: Intermountain Landscaping & Maintenance moving daily operations site to east entrance of town.

Who the talked to: Rick Pylman.

What they talked about: The landscaping company has purchased the 1.7-acre parcel at the entrance of town next to the Meadow Mountain Business Center. It is working with the Colorado Department of Transportation to get a new entrance off of U.S. Highway 24. The council voiced concerns about added traffic as well as maintaining the aesthetics. Pylman said the company is aware of keeping the area clean and is looking into either fences or shrubs to keep views of the river open. The council also recommended looking into filtration systems, as the property flows straight into the river on the north end.

What’s next: Intermountain Landscaping is awaiting approval from the Colorado Department of Transportation.

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