Government Tracker: No trails planned for Grant Avenue in Minturn |

Government Tracker: No trails planned for Grant Avenue in Minturn

Board: Minturn Town Council, evening meeting, Wednesday.

Present: Terry Armistead, Sidney Harrington, Harvey Craig, Sage Pierson, John Widerman, Earle Bidez and Mayor Matt Scherr.

Issue: Rumors around town spreading about possible trail coming to Grant Avenue.

Who they talked to: Multiple residents asked the council about “rumors” of the trail.

What they talked about: Town Manager said the rumors are “factually not true” and there is no discussion currently about any trail in that area.

What’s next: There are no plans of a trail behind Grant Avenue, and there are no perceived plans.

Issue: Lawsuit filed against the town for not designating parking, “as promised.”

Who they talked to: Barry Clark, of Eagle River Properties, addressed the council about his hardships.

What they talked about: Clark said the entryway project closed access to his building, hindering business. He said he was assured by the council that he would receive designated parking, but the town “flatly refused to do anything.” Clark said he wants to “deal with this like friends and neighbors” and listed his requests.

What’s next: Clark said he understand this will “ultimately be handled by attorneys” but wants to find middle ground with the town.

Issue: Holy Cross Energy’s potential plans to build 60-foot power lines through town.

Who they talked to: Multiple residents voiced their dissent of the idea.

What they talked about: Town Manager Willy Powell said he met with Holy Cross engineers and said they are in the “preliminary” stage of design. A letter has been drafted by the council to Holy Cross voicing its displeasure with the lack of “official communication” between the town and the energy company.

What’s next: Holy Cross is looking at alternate routes, including underground, and the Minturn Town Council is looking for open communication.

Issue: Supporting Vail Valley Trails Connection’s pursuit of an International Mountain Bike Association rating.

Who they talked to: Rich Carroll, Vail Valley Trails Connection founding member and board member.

What they talked about: Carroll told the council about Vail Valley Trails Connection and its mission to connect communities via trails across the county. Carroll said achieving a rating from the International Mountain Bike Association could be used in marketing materials for the town, as well as an increased quality of life and potential visitors for the trails.

How they voted: 7-0 in favor of sending letter to International Mountain Bike Association in support of Vail Valley Trails Connection.

What’s next: The rating will be made in November, Carroll said, and towns can immediately start using it in marketing materials. Vail Valley Trails Connection will look to the town for resources to assist in its master plan and facilities for open houses.

Issue: Appointing three new Planning & Zoning Commission members.

Who they talked to: Five candidates applied for three positions.

What they talked about: The council asked candidates about their vision for the town and if they want a chairlift in town. All five candidates said they were not in favor of a chairlift in Minturn.

How they voted: Council members Armistead and Harrington recused themselves due to conflicts of interest, and after two rounds of voting by the five remaining members, Bobby Head, Jeff Armistead and Greg Gastineau were appointed to two-year terms.

What’s next: The Planning & Zoning Commission meets the second and fourth Wednesday of each month.

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