Government Tracker: Polis gets warm welcome in Avon |

Government Tracker: Polis gets warm welcome in Avon

Present: Reynolds, Evans, Ferarro, Carroll, Phillips, Dantas, Goulding.

Who they talked to: Rep. Jared Polis, who was in Eagle County for most of the day Tuesday.

What they talked about: Council members thanked Polis for his help in getting federal funding for a transportation center in town, and asked about funding for Interstate 70 and other issues.

Polis said federal highway spending for anything besides maintenance is likely a thing of the past without new revenue sources. And, he added, there’s little appetite in Washington for increasing gas taxes at the moment.

Polis also noted that his office has helped homeowners having trouble keeping up with their payments. He said his office has sponsored events to help homeowners in Adams County, and he said he’d be willing to have a similar event in Eagle County, if needed.

Issue: “Show cause” hearing for Finnegan’s Wake’s liquor license.

What happened: A 19-year-old man got into the Avon bar on St. Patrick’s Day. He caused a disturbance, was subdued by security, then was arrested by Avon police.

The man claimed he’d been served at the bar, but Finnegan’s owner Margaret Parker said she’s been unable to find any evidence on security tapes that the man had been served by a bartender.

During the hearing, Avon Police Sgt. Greg Daly said the bar did its due diligence in trying to keep underage drinkers out of the bar.

That and other evidence led the council to issue a five-day suspension, but won’t enforce it unless there’s another violation within the next year.

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