Government Tracker: Potential options for fire training facility in Minturn |

Government Tracker: Potential options for fire training facility in Minturn

Board: Minturn Town Council, Wednesday, work session and regular session.

Present: George Brodin, Shelley Bellm, Earle Bidez, Jason Osborne, John Rosenfeld, Matt Scherr and Mayor Hawkeye Flaherty.

Issue: Options for Eagle River Fire Protection District training facility in Minturn.

Who they talked to: Dominic Mauriello, Fire Chief Karl Bauer, Training Division Chief Jonathan Bradley and Todd Goulding.

What they talked about: The Eagle River Fire Protection District asked if the town of Minturn had any interest in partnering up to build a training facility downtown near the United Concrete Park and snow storage area. The facility would support skills retention training for hundreds of firefighters, Bradley said. Council members were concerned about the cost and funding, current leasing ability, impacts on the neighborhood, loss of land that is intended for a recreational area, paving the road and installing utilities. The council also discussed the possible economic benefits of firefighters coming to town on a more regular basis.

What’s next: The Eagle River Fire Protection District didn’t want to invest too much into the planning until the town acknowledged some sort of interest. The Town Council showed interest if the district can find some sort of joint funding and can present a feasibility analysis of the project. The Eagle River Fire Protection District is looking to present that information at the next work session, Jan. 20, or the following one on Feb. 3.

Issue: Skijoring

Who they talked to: Michelle Metteer, economic development coordinator for town of Minturn

What they talked about: Metteer announced to the council that skijoring “looks like a go” this year with funding and in-kind donations coming in.

What’s next: Volunteers are sought for the annual event in Minturn.


• Kipper Dorn, owner of Gourmet Cowboy in Minturn, was approved for a four-month temporary liquor license for the catering company until he can file his application.

• Phillip Cusick, of the Eagle County Sheriff’s Department, presented statistics from 2015 for the town of Minturn, which included: 1,916 calls; 48 arrests (four felonies); 315 traffic stops (44 citations). He also discussed how the town is getting used to having the county’s sheriff there.

• Bellm brought up the idea of bringing to the public a vote to institute term limits for elected officials in the town. Other council members are concerned it’s too hasty for the April ballot and should be fully discussed. The council will discuss other angles to implement term limits at its next work session, Jan. 20.

• With the ongoing work sessions with the Eagle River Fire Protection District and discussing term limits, the council decided to push back the discussion about consideration for approving retail sales of marijuana.

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