Government Tracker: State Rep. Diane Mitsch Bush visits Minturn Town Council |

Government Tracker: State Rep. Diane Mitsch Bush visits Minturn Town Council

Board: Minturn Town Council, evening meeting, Wednesday.

Present: Terry Armistead, Sidney Harrington, Harvey Craig, Sage Pierson, John Widerman, Earle Bidez and Mayor Matt Scherr.

Issue: State Rep. Diane Mitsch Bush gives legislative wrap-up.

What they talked about: With the legislative session ending in May, Mitsch Bush is making the rounds to governments in the district she represents to talk about what the government accomplished, and is still working on, this session. The committee was able to pass a budget that increases kindergarten through high school per-pupil spending; averts a possible $20 million cut to higher education; set $150 million in transfers to the state’s highway fund; maintains the 6.5 percent budget reserve; and avoids cuts to payment rates for medical providers. “I always try to work in a bipartisan manner,” Mitsch Bush told the council. Gov. John Hickenlooper signed nine of the 12 bills that Mitsch Bush introduced this session into law.

What’s next: Moving forward, Mitsch Bush hopes to continue to focus on bringing health insurance premiums down as well as a plan for more affordable housing. “You can count on me to keep working on these issues,” she said.

Issue: Liquor license for The Bunkhouse.

Who they talked to: Ryan and Nancy Richards, owners of The Bunkhouse, and four residents who live in the units above the new hostel.

What they talked about: The Bunkhouse is seeking a tavern liquor license in hopes of generating more revenue to succeed as a business. Residents living upstairs had concerns about safety, parking, whether or not there is a need for it with other establishments nearby and the fact that they felt they weren’t approached beforehand to voice their concerns. Ryan Richards said the liquor license would serve only people staying at The Bunkhouse, and the low price for rooms gives visitors more money to go out and spend and other establishments in town. He also said that by having a liquor license, people staying in The Bunkhouse would not be allowed to bring their own alcohol, which would give them more control.

How they voted: The council voted unanimously, 7-0, in favor of a continuation to discuss it at its next meeting, Wednesday, Aug. 17.

What’s next: The Bunkhouse owners and residents will work together to try and find common ground.

Issue: Special event permit to allow sale of alcohol at Minturn Market.

What they talked about: The council discussed the limited special event liquor licenses it has throughout the year and the benefits of approving it.

How they voted: The council voted unanimously, 7-0, approving the liquor license.

What’s next: Market attendees can stop by the booth at the Minturn Market on Saturdays to grab a drink.

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