Government tracker: Vail will run own elections |

Government tracker: Vail will run own elections

Board: Vail Town Council, Tuesday’s afternoon and evening meetings.

Present: Jenn Bruno, Greg Moffet, Ludwig Kurz, Margaret Rogers, Dave Chapin, Dale Bugby, Mayor Andy Daly.

Issue: The November Vail Town Council election.

Who they talked to: Town Clerk Patty McKenny.

What they talked about: McKenny asked the council if they’d like to coordinate with the county on this year’s Town Council election. Putting town issues on the county ballot would save roughly $1,500 in election costs, McKenny said.

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Coordinating with the county could also save voters some confusion, McKenny said.

Council members said they’d prefer to keep elections in-house.

“There’s something special about Election Day, about going to the polls,” Bruno said. “I like the idea of people getting together at the polls.”

Chapin agreed, but added that residents need a convenient option for absentee voting by mail, since many people are out of town in early November.

What’s next? Voting as usual in Vail this year.

Issue: An agreement for an early August soccer tournament in the valley.

Who they talked to: Representatives of the Vail Valley Soccer Club.

What they talked about: The Colorado Storm Soccer Club earlier this year signed a contract to use fields from Vail to Edwards for what the club is calling the Summit Cup, set for Aug. 7-9. Vail Valley Soccer Club Executive Director Kerri Thelen told the council that the Denver-based club’s tournament could reduce the number of teams that come to an annual tournament the local club holds every October.

Since that early-fall tournament is the club’s primary fundraiser, Thelen said having fewer teams playing in October could reduce the funds available for scholarships for local kids.

Club President Karen Conklin told council members that the August tournament has had an effect on the October events.

“We’ve already had teams tell us they can’t do both,” Conklin said.

While the contract for this year is signed, council members said they hope the August tournament is a one-time thing.

“Looking at (the Colorado Storm) website, their lodging partner has no beds in Vail,” Moffet said, adding he was unhappy to see town assets used in a way that could damage the local soccer club.

What’s next? Speaking to Vail Recreation District Director Mike Ortiz, Moffet said, “I have no interest in seeing this event come back next year.”

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