Government Tracker: Who will run Vail welcome centers? |

Government Tracker: Who will run Vail welcome centers?

Board: Vail Town Council, Tuesday afternoon and evening meetings.

Present: Kevin Foley, Greg Moffet, Kim Langmaid, Jen Mason, Dick Cleveland, Mayor Dave Chapin.

Issue: Choosing an operator for the welcome centers in the Vail Village and Lionshead Village parking structures.

Who they talked to: Colorado Activity Centers, Inc., Donovan Pavilion Management, Inc. and Vail Info Inc., the current operator.

What they did: All three companies gave presentations in the afternoon and discussed either how they’d run the centers, or, in the case of Vail Info, how the centers are now being operated.

Those interviews took a full 90 minutes.

What happened: During the evening meeting, council members were split 3-3 about whether to award a one-year contract — with a one- or two-year renewal option — to either the current operators or Donovan Pavilion Management.

What’s next: Awarding the contract with a tie-breaking vote is probably on the shoulders of council member Jenn Bruno, who was absent Tuesday.

Issue: First reading of ordinance 19, which would ban most vehicle booting in town.

How they voted: 4-2 for approval, with Foley and Cleveland opposed.

What they talked about: Council member Greg Moffet made the first arguments for this ordinance, claiming that many people in town are having their vehicles improperly booted.

On the other hand, Evergreen Lodge General Manager Brian Butts said booting at that hotel is a way to keep more parking available for guests.

What’s next: Town Attorney Matt Mire will make some changes to the ordinance before its second reading.

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