Governor candidates tackle abortion, tourism |

Governor candidates tackle abortion, tourism

Cliff Thompson

Vail Daily: Should Roe vs. Wade be repealed?

Heath: “I am a supporter of pro-choice. (The governor’s) very definitely not. I’d restore money to Planned Parenthood immediately.”

Owens: “That’s up to the federal Supreme Court.”

Vail Daily: How do you feel about the death penalty?

Heath: I favor it, but in more limited circumstances. I was a criminal lawyer in the army for nine years. I don’t belive for a moment the death penalty is a deterrent for anyone.”

Owens: “I favor it.”

Vail Daily: If you could repeal one law in 2001 what would it be?

Heath: “I’d repeal the vetoes Owens made on Juvenile Diversion and Tony Grampsas in a minute.

Note: The Juvenile Diversion Program works with eligible first-time juvenile offenders as an alternative to formal court proceedings. The Tony Grampsas Youth Services Program was established to provide state funding for community-based programs that target youth and their families for prevention and intervention services in an effort to reduce incidents of youth crime and violence.

Owens: “I can’t answer this. “

Vail Daily: Of what political endorsement are you the proudest?

Heath: “The Teachers. That’s my passion.”

Owens: “In 1998, I was endorsed by every newspaper in the state.”

Vail Daily: What inclusionary process needs to be used with the state’s burgeoning Hispanic population for which English is a second language?

Heath: “I’ve been inclusive (with Hispanics) all my life. I’ve been involved in the Hispanic community for the last 13 years at Manual High School. Hispanics play major roles in my campaigns. I would include them in key roles in my administration.”

Owens: “I’ve quadrupled minority contracting. I have a more diverse cabinet and have appointed 35 percent of judges with Hispanic surnames. There has been a significant amount done in terms of Hispanic outreach.”

Vail Daily: How do you feel about Amendment 31 (language immersion proposal)?

Heath: “I oppose it.”

Owens: “I’m opposed to 31. That presupposes we haven’t done enough.”

Vail Daily: Colorado is ranked 29th in terms of spending to attract tourists. Should tourism funding be a tax-supported venture?

Heath: “Tourism needs a dedicated funding source. It generated $8.25 billion in 2000 and contributed $277 million in state taxes.

“We need a strategic tourism campaign. We need to recruit a professional staff. And we need to promote Eco/Heritage/Agri-tourism that takes advantage of Colorado’s environment and focuses on combination tourism such as a Heritage Trail experience in one package vacation.

“There are only two methods that provide hard data to approximate the size and impact of the tourism businesses in a community: the volume of sewage processed and sales tax collected.”

Owens: “I support funding tourism with taxes. It was rescinded by voters in 1992. Every year we’ve put $5 million to $6 million in the budget.”

Rollie Heath

Age: 64

Marital status: Married, three children

Party affiliation: Democrat

Governmental experience: None. He’s the former president of the international division of Johns Manville, has served on numerous volunteer committees with the Denver Chamber of Commerce and says he has created many business and education partnership programs.

Education: University of Wisconsin, B.B.A, 1959, J.D. 1961

Bill Owens

On the Web:

Age: 51

Marital status: Married, three children

Party affiliation: Republican

Governmental experience: Former Colorado treasurer and Colorado senator. Seeking second term as governor.

Education: Graduated from Stephen F. Austin University with a bachelor of science degree, then earned a master of public affairs degree from the University of Texas.

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