Governor, challenger Heath, exchange barbs |

Governor, challenger Heath, exchange barbs

Cliff Thompson

“He insulated himself too much,” Heath said Tuesday. “You don’t put an entourage together and you don’t run out after an hour.”

Heath’s referring to the governor’s 45-minute stop in Beaver Creek during the lunch break of the Colorado Forestry Advisory Board, which he appointed last year.

“Clearly this is a campaign trip. Is it legitimate, of course,” he said, suggesting the Republican reimburse taxpayers who are paying for the trip.

The Colorado touring the state with his cabinet began with former Gov. Roy Romer, a Democrat. He dubbed it “dome on the range.”

“Since Rollie Heath is apparently unaware that this dates back to the Romer administration, it shows how out of touch he his with Colorado,” said Owens’ spokesman Dan Hopkins.

Owens and his cabinet are on a three-day tour of the state. He’s already spoken with experts on chronic wasting disease, water rights and the drought.

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