Grand Lake man with Alzheimer’s found dead near Shadow Mountain shoreline |

Grand Lake man with Alzheimer’s found dead near Shadow Mountain shoreline

Lance Maggart | Sky Hi News

A multi-hour search effort for Grand Lake resident Bill Schade came to a tragic end Sunday morning after his body was discovered near the shoreline of Shadow Mountain Lake.

Members of Grand County’s Search and Rescue found Schade at 8:10 a.m. on Jan. 13. Authorities believe Schade, who has Alzheimer’s, wandered into the area sometime Saturday evening. Authorities are investigating to determine a specific cause of death.

Schade was a 65-year-old resident of Grand Lake. He went missing Saturday afternoon at around 4:10 p.m.

Based on similar incidents in the past, lieutenant Dan Mayer, spokesman for the Grand County Sheriff’s Office, said authorities believed they would find Schade within one-half-mile of his last known location.

“He was found within that distance,” Mayer said. “We turned Grand Lake upside down last night. Our focus this morning was to hit the shorelines and the lake. That is where we found him unfortunately.”

Mayer said he was touched by the community support that was offered to help find Schade.

“We had this outpouring from the community that was just amazing,” Mayer said. “We had close to 20 search and rescue people out last night. Grand Lake Fire did a phenomenal job. Granby PD assisted. The National Park Service came up this morning (Sunday) and they were searching their areas.”

Among the citizen volunteers who assisted with the search effort Saturday night and Sunday morning was Bryant Liles.

“I had met Bill only a few times,” Liles said. “I was inclined to help. It seemed like the right thing to do. Many people must’ve felt this way as I noticed countless others looking throughout the night.”


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