Graphic anti-meth ads being rolled out in Colorado |

Graphic anti-meth ads being rolled out in Colorado

DENVER, Colorado ” Graphic ads depicting the consequences of methamphetamine use are being rolled out across Colorado.

It’s part of a campaign launched Thursday by a new nonprofit group called the Colorado Meth Project.

Gov. Bill Ritter and Attorney General John Suthers attended the kickoff and warned that adults might find some of the radio, TV, newspaper and billboard advertisements offensive. But they said the ads need to honestly portray the damage done by meth to reach their target audience ” teens and young adults.

Kent MacLennan, executive director of the Colorado Meth Project, said all the ads have been tested in focus groups with teens and young adults. They said the ads should be realistic but not exaggerated.

“For kids who have just finished playing Grand Theft Auto, these are not overly graphic,” he said.

Similar campaigns have already been set up in five other states, including Wyoming and Montana.

The program will cost about $4 million a year. Most of it is paid for with grants from private foundations, but about 20 percent is being paid through a federal grant.

Colorado ranks 8th in meth use nationally.

Colorado Meth Project

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