Great caucus |

Great caucus

Peter Runyon

Ain’t democracy grand?

(Recently), involved citizens from all over Eagle County gathered at their party caucuses, Republican and Democrat, to participate at the grass-roots level to make a difference. Thank you all.

I was fortunate enough to be present at the Democratic valleywide caucus representing 25 separate precincts. It was particularly exciting because it was the first time that so many Eagle County Democrats caucused together in one location. The concern over our future, both locally and nationally, and the desire to effect change was so thick the room buzzed with energy. The room was full of an incredible cross section of our community, young, old, left leaning, right leaning, up valley, down valley, old timers, recent arrivals, rich and poor.

I particularly want to thank Debby Marquez, Stephen Richards, Stewart Borne, Flo Steinberg and Enid Neilson for putting on an excellent event. Additional kudos need to be showered on Barbie Christopher, Andy Weissner, Patsie Batchelder, New New Wallace, Delling Zing and many others for manning the phones to raise awareness and convincing so many people to become involved.

If ever there was a year to get involved, this is it. Thanks again for being such good citizens.

Peter Runyon

Democratic candidate

District 1

Eagle County Commissioner

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