Great Democratic ticket |

Great Democratic ticket

David Le Vine

A confirmed Democrat could hardly be happier. We have an unusually attractive candidate for the presidency, a most capable nominee for the vice presidency and a “platform” that addresses the nation’s important issues. The convention was graced by rousing speeches from Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, Michelle Obama and others; and the result was a united and motivated Democratic party.

On the other hand, there is an old, impetuous Republican candidate running with a totally inexperienced lady from Alaska, plus a party platform that assures us four more years of “nothing”. Actually, that’s not quite true; the platform does include banning abortions ” without any exceptions. So in other words, if a woman becomes pregnant, the government owns her body.

Our candidates are speaking about helping the economy to improve, ending the war in Iraq and the many other important issues at hand. The Republican candidates have latched onto the word “change,” but seem to limit that to vague pledges concerning corruption. They’ll just pray for the economy to improve; we’ll continue to lose lives and pour money into Iraq, and they will permit health care to remain an economic burden for almost everyone. Education, social security and Medicare don’t even get honorable mention.

It doesn’t make any difference who is doing what in the polls right now, the voters will elect Mr. Obama, Mr. Biden and enough Democrats to “get good things done” in November.

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