Great! We couldn’t be better in the Vail Valley |

Great! We couldn’t be better in the Vail Valley

Michael Norton
Vail, CO, Colorado

Every day is a great day, just try missing one. And each day spent in the Vail Valley is an awesome day.

Sure, a lot of what is happening in the world is out of our direct control. But if we just sit back and wait to see how the next bailout impacts us personally or professionally we are at their mercy. Instead, we can be proactive and choose to make each and every day the best possible day of our lives. And if it can’t be the very best day of our lives, let’s make it the best day possible.

Let me tell you about Jerry. I have known Jerry for more than 30 years. We grew up together in New Jersey before I moved to Colorado and he relocated to Florida. Ever since I have known him, he would answer the daily question of “how are you doing?” with “Great, couldn’t be better!” or something like it.

Jerry didn’t just say it, he smiled it, and you would instantly feel better just hearing him claim how awesome his day was going. People wanted to be around him.

Knowing Jerry for as long as I have, I can tell you that everything was not always “Great, couldn’t be better!” in his life. He had some family issues growing up, he was married and divorced, he started businesses, sold businesses, lost businesses, and was betrayed by someone close to him that forced him into bankruptcy.

But no matter when you saw him and asked the question, he enthusiastically greeted you with that same winning smile and robust attitude of “Great, couldn’t be better!”

Some might argue that Jerry was just deceiving everyone on the outside and hurting on the inside. But I knew Jerry, and this wasn’t the case. He was an anomaly because no matter what the problem was, he remained positive, always looking for the good.

He internalized the fact that failure is an event and it is not a person. He completely comprehended at an early age that outside circumstances would not, could not, influence his internal happiness. And here is the thing that is so amazing ” he has never, ever compromised this belief.

We could stay glued to the television or Internet and watch the rollercoaster realities of the stock market. We could stay focused on the bad news and allow that to decay the spirit of each day. Or we could embrace this life by challenging ourselves to rise to the occasion and finding the good.

Again, some people go around looking for the bad like there was a reward for it. Don’t be one of them, don’t feed that machine. Instead, be a good finder ” better yet, become a great finder and watch what happens to your days, your job, your business and your relationships.

How is Jerry doing today? “Great, couldn’t be better!” He is managing a business, has a beautiful wife and daughter and is the happiest man I know.

How are you doing? Have you gotten up on the hill for a few turns? Have you gone on a snowshoe hike? Have you hung out with friends sharing some drinks or a meal? Have you gotten in a good workout, read a good book, or just relaxed in front of a fire?

The Vail Valley is an awesome place, and we have the control to make each day what we choose. Let me know how your day is going at and I hope you make it a better than great week.

Michael Norton is a strategic consultant, business and personal coach, and motivational speaker and is once again serving as the Interim President of the Zig Ziglar Organization. He writes a weekly motivational column for the Vail Daily.

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