Greeley: Man arrested for removing political yard signs |

Greeley: Man arrested for removing political yard signs

GREELEY, Colorado – A Greeley, Colorado man faces theft charges after he removed several Democratic campaign yard signs because he says they looked “tacky” and he thought they were illegally placed.

Matthew Grieser is free on $2,000 bail after spending a night in jail when a police officer saw him taking the signs to his pickup truck. Police say the 32-year-old had 28 signs from Democrats, including seven from congressional candidate Betsy Markey and three from U.S. Senate candidate Mark Udall.

Greeley ordinance prohibits placing political signs on city property. Grieser told The Greeley Tribune he thought he was removing “litter” from city property, not stealing.

Greeley City Clerk Betsy Holder says the signs were on private property but were placed there without the owner’s permission.

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