Green Elephant Juicery now open in Avon and Vail |

Green Elephant Juicery now open in Avon and Vail

John Dowd, co-owner of the Green Elephant Juicery, stands behind the counter of the recently opened storefront in Avon.
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Green Elephant LOCATIONS


150 East Beaver Creek Boulevard

Hours: 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Phone: 970-470-4024

Vail (satellite grab ’n’ go location)

616 W. Lionshead Circle, Unit 206, Concert Hall Plaza

Hours: 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Phone: 970-470-4206

For a full menu and more information, visit



• Easy Green-E: apple, kale, celery, pineapple, lemon, ginger, $9.50


• Funky Monkey: kale, spinach, mango, banana, agave, purified water, $7.95

Organic Grab-and-Go Food:

• Collard Enchilada Wrap: collard greens, tomato, red onion, red bell pepper, lemon, garlic, cilantro, lime, olive oil, black pepper, sea salt, quinoa, chipotle seasoning, avocado lime vinaigrette , $9.95

• Raw Oatmeal: nut and seed base, rolled oats, steel cut oats, flax seed, chia seed, cinnamon, maple syrup, $4.95

• Strawberry Vegan Cheesecake: cashews, lemon, coconut oil, coconut milk, strawberries, agave, almonds, sunflower seeds, dates, salt, $5.95

When valley local Elise Reynolds used to live in Boulder, she would often grab a vegetable and fruit juice from Whole Foods. She lived next to the health food store, so it was convenient for her to fulfill the specific thirst.

“I crave things like that,” said Reynolds, who now lives in Minturn. “I would get a juice before going to work, and it was so nice to feel everything in my body excited and happy.”

Reynolds now goes to Green Elephant Juicery, the valley’s new (and only) juicery and organic grab-and-go, with storefronts in Avon and Lionshead Village. The store opened in November and celebrated its grand opening on Dec. 19. Reynolds works in Edwards and said she goes in once or twice a week.

“Yesterday, I drank one of the Cal-G Kick,” she said, referring to the apple, carrot, ginger and lemon juice, “and I felt great the rest of the day.”


Green Elephant Juicery co-owners John Dowd and Leo Flynn said the mission of the business is simple: to make it easy for people to eat healthy foods.

“We wanted to have a place where we could go to eat quick and healthy foods,” Flynn said. “And we figured everybody else would like it too.”

The juicery serves organic and vegan grab-and-go food, along with raw, organic and cold-pressed juices. The Avon store serves made-to-order smoothies, like the Carrot Cake, made with cinnamon, hemp protein, carrot, coconut ice cream and rice milk.

Neither Down nor Flynn eat completely vegan, but the juices and food items are meant to appeal to herbivores and carnivores, too — basically any consumer looking to get a good dose of nutrients.

All the ingredients are organic, without exception. The cold-pressed process used to make the juices keeps the highest amount of nutrients in each bottle of juice. It’s done in a two-step process and all in the Avon store.

First, the produce is ground into mulch with little to no heat, which keeps the enzymes intact, and then is filtered in a bag through a hydronic press. All the juice, along with all the nutrients and enzymes from the produce, is squeezed out.

On average, 10 16-ounce bottles of juice takes 25 pounds of produce to make. The leftover pulp has no nutrients but can be used for compost or for filler in breads and dog treats.

Because the pulp is removed in cold-pressed juice, there is more juice — and thus more nutrients and enzymes — in every bottle.

“The cold-pressed method gets the highest yield — you get the most juice out of the produce,” Dowd said. “Rather than blending it together, like you would do with a Vitamix.”

The juice maintains its highest level of nutrients within the first three days of being pressed, and that is how long Green Elephant will have a bottle of juice in their cooler to sell. Since Green Elephant’s juice is not heated like a blended juice, they can bottle it. Blended juices that are served room temperature (warmed from friction), for instance, should be consumed within 30 minutes before the enzymes break down.

“Our juice is good for seven days,” Flynn said. “We try to turn it over each day, and three days is the most we keep it on the shelf.”

Drink the juice on an empty stomach, first thing in the morning, and you’ll get what Dowd described as a 15-minute nutrient blast.

“Your stomach doesn’t have to do any work,” he said. “So you’ll really feel it if you drink it first thing in the morning.”


West Vail resident Robin Doney said the juicery is appealing, especially since juiceries have become a norm in many cities, including Denver and New York.

“Here, I feel like there has been a real need for something like this,” she said. “Visitors expect and enjoy something that is not pasteurized, and that is raw and cold-pressed, and there has not been anything in the area that offers that.”

Flynn said they want to keep the juices non-pasteurized since that means higher levels of enzymes and nutrients. That’s to say you’ll only find the juices at the two current locations and perhaps other satellite locations or booths in the future, and not in other stores.

“To put this on someone else’s shelf, we could have to become a wholesaler, and that’s when you have to pasteurize, which extends the shelf life but then kills a lot of enzymes and nutrients,” Flynn said.

Green Elephant uses recycled plastic packaging for their juices and grab-and-go foods, so it’s not only earth-aware, but also easy to carry with you on the move.

“Again, it gets back to the quick and easy way to go,” Flynn said. “It’s a big part of why we went with plastic bottles versus glass bottles, because you can take them with you on your bike ride or put them in your pocket when you’re going skiing.”

Doney said she recently visited the Avon store after fighting a cold for a few days. She got the vegan chili and a juice to bring home for a nourishing dinner.

“It’s amazing how good it makes you feel, especially with all the nutrients in the juice,” she said.

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