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Green without force

Vail Daily Editorial
Vail CO, Colorado

Responsibility for the environment doesn’t begin or end in Washington D.C. or meeting rooms of oil companies. The Vail Valley has a responsibility in helping make this a greener place to live, too.

The good thing is we’re seeing encouraging stuff locally. Towns and the county are tightening up building rules, switching out gas-guzzling vehicles or pulling out water-gorging plants. We need leadership to affect such a significant change in the way we live, consume and enjoy our lives. And yes, government sometimes needs to be that leader.

But it’s especially great to see local business leaders doing their part, too. Especially, when they didn’t have to.

Vail Resorts’ Ever Vail project has been accepted into a national Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design pilot program. The LEED program will help push Ever Vail toward greener construction and more environmentally friendly planning, like pedestrian-oriented neighborhoods.

The developers of the Traer Creek Plaza in Avon were the first to build a highly visible commercial project in the valley that earned LEED certification.

Other business are making changes on a smaller level that still will make a difference. Antlers General Manager Rob LeVine recently switched out the hotel’s washing machines for more efficient and less pollution ones. The machines are expected to help the hotel use 80 percent less hot water for laundry every year. The hotel also plans to use more environmentally friendly laundry detergent.

Whether it be sweeping changes or operational tweaks, making local business a little more efficient can save them money in energy bills.

And making Vail a little greener is good for the rest of us, too.

” Tamara Miller for the Editorial Board

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