Greening of Vail golf course |

Greening of Vail golf course

Billy Serrano
Vail, CO, Colorado

Hello, my name is Billy and I have been reading your newspaper every chance I get.

I am currently working in Vail remodeling the Vail golf course irrigation system.

I have been reading about how Vail has been going green and trying to keep its natural beauty that God bestowed on this little town. One thing I would like to mention is that although a lot of individuals may not think that a golf course can be environmentally friendly the Vail golf course has gone out of its way to be a part of the community and being green and trying to be proactive in the community. With the new irrigation system being installed on the course designed by Larry Rodgers of Larry Rodgers Design, it is being a great and positive influence not only in the community but for the kayakers and fly fisherman and women who fish Gore Creek.

The positives of being green in this community are great, and I have no reservations of the impact that it will have on your tourism as word travels around Colorado, the United States and abroad, the economic impact will help this community continue to stay green as we proceed in this ever-changing world.

I think more needs to be said about Vail golf course and its commitment to the local community in trying to be green and the steps it is taking to do that and allow its readers to feel and be a part of this transformation. Everyone needs to do their part in a community to be effective and have a positive change to leave our children.

Leading by example and letting your work speak for itself will have a lasting impression in the future.

Billy Serrano


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